Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lost in Transit (2008)

With "Lost in Transit", I investigate the challenging process of finding one's place in an alien environment - in this case, the city of Berlin.

The People (2006-2009)

"The People": I use the complexity of light to examine the mysteries of inner & outer displacement of young men who make their home at the Katamantu train station in Accra, Ghana.

Jam (2007)

"Jam" is a series in which I explore the impact of clumsy, congested housing (popularly known as "face me I face you") on residents of Lagos, one of the world's most populated cities.


These images are from a work in progress that I call "Ecstatics," exploring often overhwhelming emotions through exaggerated forms.


Hello & welcome to my blog. I hope to use this space to share my work, my art, my life with you. Enjoy!